About Me



Doctor of Philosophy | School of Rehabilitation Therapy

Supervisors: Dr. Heather Aldersey and Dr. Beata Batorowicz

Research: Community School Design for Optimal Participation and Social Interaction of Children with Physical Disabilities in Mumbai’s Informal Settlements. 

Masters of Social Work | Disability Studies and Action 

Supervisor: Dr. Vaishali Kolhe 

Thesis: Architectural and Academic Barriers Faced by Students with Physical Disabilities to Access Higher Education in India.

Bachelors of Architecture 

Supervisor: ProfSanjeev Singh

Thesis: Tribal Cultural and Heritage Center Design, Deoghar, Jharkhand

When not working

“When not working, I love traveling and sketching—traveling to new places close to nature and visiting age-old architecture and historical forts. Moreover, I love cooking, meeting people, and documenting this beautiful planet through sketches, photographs, and narratives”