Journal Articles


Book Chapter

  • Gaurav, N. (2023). In search of a meaningful life: narratives of people with disabilities living in Mumbai informal settlements, an exploratory study, Khatri, A., Pundir, M.B., Khan, N., and Sharma, L. (Eds.) Architecture & Planning For Urban Villages. UVCT. New Delhi. ISBN 978-81-959811-6-8’s_Informal_Settlements_an_Exploratory_Study
  • Jaitely, S. and Gaurav, N. (2023), “Barriers in the Access to Healthcare Facilities During COVID-19 for People With Disabilities in Mumbai’s Informal Settlements”, Carey, A.C.Green, S.E. and Mauldin, L. (Eds.) Disability in the Time of Pandemic (Research in Social Science and Disability), Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. 75-94.
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  • Francis, G.L., Jansen-van Vuuren, J., Gaurav, N., Aldersey, H.M., Gibson, S., Davison, C.M. (2021). Family-school collaboration for students with disabilities in Ontario, Canada. In G.E. Throne, W. Brehm, E. Unterhalter, & M. Oketch (Eds.). State of Emergency: Education in the time of COVID-19. NORRAG special issue 06. Pp 48-51.

Article in a book

  • Gaurav, N. (2013). Tribal Cultural and Heritage Centre. In Paul, S. (Eds.), Architecture + Design Architecture Awards- the passionate journey (pp. 106-107). Architecture + Design: Gurugram, India.

Policy paper

  • Gaurav, N., Aldersey, H.M., and Batorowicz, B. (2022- Submitted for publication). Access to Education as a Human Right: Designing inclusive, child & disability-friendly school spaces. Evidence-Based Solutions for Intensifying Global Challenges. Academic Council on United Nations.

Technical Report

  • Kolhe, V., Gaurav, N., and Sarathy, D. (2020). Reimagining Disability Inclusion through Convergence and Participatory Governance by Institutionalising Inclusive development processes in a Three-tier System to Empower Persons with Disabilities in Tamil Nadu. State Commissionerate for differently abled persons, Tamil Nadu. (A draft shadow report on policy document prepared by the Tamil Nadu Government for a World Bank Project).

Conference Papers

  • Kolhe, V. & Gaurav, N. (2022, February 24-25). Rescue and Emergency Response to the Stranded Persons with Disabilities left behind amidst the Covid-19 locked down in India. National Symposium on Migration and Discourse on Development. Organized by the Center for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy, Shivaji University, Kolhapur, and Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi, India.

  • Finak, P., Gaurav, N., McEachem, D., and Batorowicz, B. (2021, September 13-17). Environmental factors related to writing for people with speech impairments and physical disability who use AAC: A scoping review. CM2021-Communication Matters Virtual International AAC Conference. London, UK.

  • Davison, C.M., Aldersey, H. M., Francis, G.L., Gabison, S., Gaurav, N., and Jansen-van Vuuren, J. (2021, June 22-24). Family-School Collaboration and Students with Disabilities: Shared and diverse experiences during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Ontario. Canada International Conference on Education (CICE‐2021) and World Congress on Education (WCE-2021). Mississauga, Canada.

  • Burnhum, S., Finak, P., Henderson, J., Gaurav, N., Davis, C., Pinder, S., and Batorowicz, B. (2021). Models and frameworks for guiding assessment for aided Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC): A Scoping Review. ISSAC Connect conference. Detroit, USA. 

  • Gaurav, N. (2019). Study of Architectural and Academic Barriers Faced by Students with Orthopedic Disability in Higher Educational Institutions. In Kolhe, V. (Eds.), Fourth National Conference on Disability, Accessibility, Inclusion, and Well-being (p. 23). Gaurang Publication Globalize Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India.

  • Gaurav, N. (2018, Oct. 1-2). Environmental pollution and recycling of dry leaves. In Surana, R. Anwar, F. Yadav, M. Kapoor, S. Nayak, B.K. and Bauman, M. (Eds.) 1st International Conference of Waste Management 2018 (ICWM 2018) (p. 19). Jaipur: School of Architecture and Design Manipal University and Sustainable Design Management Institute, Paris.

  • Gaurav, N., Kanisetti, V., and Gupta, D. (2017). Participatory Approach in an Urban Mismatch. In Biswas, A. and Gupta, E. (Eds.). Sustainable Built Environment- International Conference (p. 36). Roorkee: Department of Architecture, Indian Institute of Technology.

Manuscript in preparation/under review

  • Gaurav, N., Batorowicz, B., & Aldersey, H.M. (in preparation).  Co-designing school spaces: collaborative ways to involve children with physical disabilities in design.
  • Gaurav, N., Garvie, M., Quijanio, M.J.G., Armstrong, V., Kane, Z., Natto, A.V., & Bailey S. (in preparation). Working towards a safe and accountable space in the classroom: Learnings from students’ experiences of navigating colonial challenges in academia.
  • Gaurav, N. (in preparation). Adaptability in Walking Caliper Design as per People with Disabilities’ need in rural Karnataka, India: A gender dimension of disability.

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